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"The group absolutely approves (LOVES) the Challenge Coins. Question, can I get a copy of the artwork used to create the coin.....the group wants to buy decals."

- CWO Joseph (Tony) Armijo, CG Aviation Logistics Center

"The CO loves them and has presented several. Thank you for your help with these."


"Thanks for your time today, it was very helpful. Further, we appreciate your ensuring the coin boxes were delivered to USCG Sector Key West in an expeditious manner!"

                                - LT R Wright, USCG

"Thanks very much Gary. The coins look great."

           - Len Clark, US Dept. of Education

"It was a pleasure doing business with you Gary. I've already given someone here your card!"

                  - CAPT Steve Keating, USN

"Thank you Gary. Want to let you know the coins have been well received."

  - J D. Jackson, US Dept of Transportation

"They have certainly been received well. Everyone is very impressed with the work you did."

- Chelsea Riley, Airtec


"The coin is perfect!"

- David Hoffberger, USNA

"You guys do good work! :D That's nice! Thanks a bunch!!"

- Barbara Beck, TCOM


"Our Mess coin turned out really awesome! Great Company."

- Ryan Vess, USCG 

"All I can say is WOW!  Great work...  that 3D image certainly does stand out & POP!"

- L.A. Gonzalez, USN

"Thank you very much! Our President and CEO are so very pleased with how they turned out! Great job!!!! They look so good! 

       - Molly Hancock, Chiron Technologies

"Please tell Mr. (Gary) Harkins I appreciate his patience. As discussed I trust Mr. Harkins judgment and taste...Thank you"

                     - LTJG Amy Downton, USCG

"Gary, Thanks for the good job on the coins. Given our new design, the acrylic fill, and the overall quality, the coins were a hit. They arrived on time and we actually have used up most of them already. Thank you again."

                             - Thomas M. Buck, PhD

"Gary, Thanks for taking care of us on this initial order. Your customer service was really great and much appreciated."

           - John S. Johnson, USCG Museum

"Mr. Harkins, Thank you again for getting the coins expedited into production, our office greatly appreciates your help."

      - YN3 Thomas A. Head, Commandant

"Thanks for everything. We have started advertising them.....and they are already selling."

- Ryan Vess, USCG

"Gary,  I received the coins yesterday and just wanted to say the coins are even better than I’d hoped. Wonderful job in bringing these coins to perfection and getting them to us. I’m more than satisfied and won’t hesitate to use your company in the future or recommend you to others.

 Thanks again!"

 - Sam, Special Forces Group Airborne

"The coins looks great! Thank you for working with me on the design, I really like the way the coin turned out.

Very Respectfully,"

- Jason K. Wong Command Master Chief USCG Personnel Service Center

"Good afternoon Sir,

 The coins are OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much for all your assistance.

 Thanks again for everything."

- BM1 Sean Smith, USCG AXE

"I just wanted to let you all know that our retiring Branch Chief was absolutely thrilled with his personal coins and was very excited to start handing them out.  I wanted to thank you all for the outstanding customer service, flexibility on such a short turn-around time, and high quality product that you provided us.  The gift made his day, and we have you to thank for it.

 Thanks again!"

- Matt Ryan, Deputy CSSP Manager, Cybersecurity Service Provider (CSSP) 

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