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  • 1. Connect With Us

    Kick off your project by sharing your ideas with us. We'll provide you with detailed information on pricing, turnaround times, and walk you through our comprehensive process.

  • 2. Craft Your Design

    Our talented graphic designers are here to bring your coin or medallion to life. Collaborate with our team to create a design that truly commemorates your special occasion. 

  • 3. Review & Approve

    We craft a custom mold, and you get to see if the design is exactly what you wanted. We will review and revise until you are completely satisfied. 

  • 4. Production & Shipment

    Once you are happy with the design, we start production. Finally, your custom challenge coins are ready for delivery!

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Discover our diverse array of challenge coins, meticulously categorized to honor every branch of service and professional excellence. From the armed forces to government agencies, and from emergency services to corporate institutions, find the perfect coin to celebrate and commemorate your unique command and achievements.

Military Challenge Coins

Celebrate the valor and dedication of the armed forces with our Military Challenge Coins, each piece reflecting the esteemed traditions and modern excellence of military service. Honor the unwavering spirit of every sector, from the Air Force's skies to the Navy's seas, and the Space Force's frontier.

  • Army Challenge Coins

    Celebrate the ground force's valor with Army Challenge Coins, reflecting the unparalleled courage and commitment of those safeguarding our nation.

  • Marine Corps Challenge Coins

    Recognize the exceptional fortitude of the Marines with coins that capture the essence of their ‘Semper Fidelis’ ethos and their role as the nation's expeditionary force in readiness.

  • Coast Guard Challenge Coins

    Commemorate the vigilant service of the Coast Guard with coins that reflect the courage and dedication required to protect our shores and citizens.

  • Air Force Challenge Coins

    Salute the aerial defenders of our nation with Air Force Challenge Coins, designed to echo the honor and bravery of those who serve above the clouds.

  • Navy Challenge Coins

    Honor the maritime guardians with Navy Challenge Coins, encapsulating the proud legacy and steadfast commitment of those who navigate the depths for our safety.

  • Space Force Challenge Coins

    Celebrate the newest branch of the military with Space Force Challenge Coins, representing the pioneering spirit of those who contribute to our ventures beyond the earth's atmosphere.

Government Challenge Coins

From the intelligence offices to the highest echelons of leadership, our Government Challenge Coins are designed to honor the commitment and discrete victories of our nation's backbone. Each coin stands as a symbol of the dedication that underpins our society’s structure.

  • Congress Challenge Coins

    Carry the symbol of legislative excellence with Congress Challenge Coins, celebrating the dedication and democracy that underpin the heart of American governance.

  • FBI Challenge Coins

    Carry the emblem of the Federal Bureau of Investigation with FBI Challenge Coins, celebrating the integrity and intelligence that define the agency.

  • CIA Challenge Coins

    Mark the silent and critical work of the Central Intelligence Agency with CIA Challenge Coins, honoring the unseen and unsung heroes of national security.

  • NSA Challenge Coins

    Celebrate the crucial role of signal intelligence with NSA Challenge Coins, embodying the meticulous and high-stakes work of code-makers and code-breakers.

  • DHS Challenge Coins

    Honor the multifaceted operations of the Department of Homeland Security with DHS Challenge Coins, from emergency response to border security.

  • Secret Service Challenge Coins

    Recognize the dual mission of protection and investigation with Secret Service Challenge Coins, marking a commitment to safeguarding our nation’s leaders and financial infrastructure.

  • DIA Challenge Coins

    Commemorate the strategic intelligence efforts of the Defense Intelligence Agency with DIA Challenge Coins, celebrating the role they play in national defense.

  • Presidential Challenge Coins

    Honor the highest office with Presidential Challenge Coins, a tribute to the leadership and the symbol of the executive branch of the United States.

First Responder Challenge Coins

Celebrate the bravery and dedication of emergency service professionals with our First Responder Challenge Coins. Each coin is meticulously crafted to honor the commitment of those on the front lines, including police, firefighters, and EMS personnel, providing a tangible symbol of their heroic contributions to community safety and well-being.

  • Fire Department Challenge Coins

    Acknowledge the bravery and sacrifice of firefighters with Fire Department Challenge Coins, honoring those who face the flames to keep us safe.

  • Police Challenge Coins

    Salute the men and women in blue with Police Challenge Coins, recognizing the critical role they play in maintaining law, order, and public safety.

  • EMS

    Highlighting the everyday heroes of our communities, our EMS Challenge Coins pay tribute to the unwavering dedication of those who serve in emergency medical services and law enforcement.

AMVETS / Veterans

Veteran Challenge Coins celebrate the honor and service of those who have worn our nation’s uniform. These coins are symbols of the enduring brotherhood and sacrifice shared by all who have served.

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In the corporate arena, recognition is a key motivator. Our Corporate Challenge Coins are not just tokens of appreciation; they're a testament to individual and collective achievements, fostering a culture of excellence and unity within your organization.

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    Our personalized service sets us apart. You'll have a dedicated team working with you from the initial design sketch to the final coin production, ensuring every detail is captured precisely to your specifications.

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    Recognizing the significance of prompt acknowledgment, we have optimized our procedures to guarantee efficient production and delivery within a 25-28 day timeframe, all while maintaining the high-quality standards that your accomplishments rightfully demand.


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    — V. Balderrama

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    — L. Reagan

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    — H. Phan

  • “The team’s LOVING the coin design! So glad we asked you for help.”

    — W. Hamilton

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What is a Challenge Coin?

A challenge coin is a small medallion or token that symbolizes membership, recognition, or achievement within a group, often found within military units, emergency services, and corporate teams. These coins carry great sentimental value, often customized with specific insignias, dates, or symbols representing the issuing organization. Command Challenge Coins specializes in creating custom challenge coins and command coins, offering a unique way to honor service, commemorate milestones, and celebrate unity within any organization.

What Does It Mean To Be Given a Challenge Coin?

Being given a challenge coin is a mark of distinction and camaraderie, symbolizing recognition for special achievements, membership, or an individual's commitment to an organization or group. This tradition, rooted deeply in military history, has become a meaningful gesture across various sectors, including governmental bodies, emergency services, and corporate environments. Receiving a challenge coin can signify appreciation, honor, and a deep sense of belonging to a community or team. It's a tangible token that carries immense sentimental value, often kept as a keepsake or proudly displayed as a symbol of identity and unity.

What is a Challenge Coin Used For?

Challenge coins serve multiple purposes, transcending their origins as military tokens to become versatile symbols of recognition, achievement, and belonging across diverse fields. Here are some common uses:

  • Recognition of Achievement or Service: Challenge coins are often awarded to individuals to acknowledge their exceptional contributions, achievements, or service. They act as a tangible symbol of appreciation and respect.
  • Membership and Identity: They signify membership in a specific group, unit, or organization, helping to foster a sense of identity and unity among its members.
  • Morale Boosting: Challenge coins can boost morale by providing members with a physical symbol of their collective achievements and shared experiences.
  • Commemorative Keepsakes: Used to commemorate significant events, milestones, or anniversaries, challenge coins can serve as lasting mementos of important occasions.
  • Networking and Tradition: Within the military and other organizations, challenge coins can be used in traditional 'coin checks' or exchanges, promoting camaraderie and networking among members.
  • Corporate and Promotional Use: Beyond their traditional roles, challenge coins have found a place in the corporate world as a means of reinforcing brand identity and as unique promotional items or corporate gifts.

Command Challenge Coins offers a wide array of custom challenge coins and command coins, tailored to suit the specific needs and values of any organization, serving as enduring tokens of excellence, unity, and shared values.

Can Challenge Coins Be Used Outside of the Military?

Absolutely! While challenge coins have their roots in military tradition, their use has expanded far beyond. Today, challenge coins are used by government agencies, emergency services, corporate entities, and various organizations to recognize achievement, commemorate special occasions, or symbolize membership. With Command Challenge Coins, you have the opportunity to create custom challenge coins that reflect the unique spirit and values of your team or organization, regardless of the sector.

How Do I Make and Customize Challenge Coins?

Customizing your challenge coin is a seamless process with us. Start by sharing your vision, including any symbols, mottos, or designs you envision. Our skilled graphic designers will then work with you to refine your ideas into a stunning visual representation. With options ranging from custom challenge coins to custom command coins, we ensure your coin perfectly captures the essence of your achievement or affiliation.

How Long Does It Take to Receive My Custom Challenge Coins?

The turnaround time for receiving your custom challenge coins varies depending on the complexity of the design and the quantity ordered. Typically, from design approval to delivery, the process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. We prioritize quality and precision in every step, ensuring your custom challenge coins or custom command coins exceed your expectations. For specific timelines, please contact us directly.