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Explore our collection of space force challenge coins, celebrating the courage and dedication of those who serve in space.

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    Share your vision for your space force challenge coin, and we'll guide you through our pricing, turnaround times, and detailed process, tailored to honor your service in space.

  • 2. Design

    Our designers specialize in capturing the essence of space exploration and defense, working with you to create a coin that perfectly reflects the achievements and spirit of the Space Force.

  • 3. Review

    Once your design is finalized and approved, we create a custom mold for striking your coin, with costs reflecting the complexity and uniqueness of your design.

  • 4. Final Approval

    We provide a preproduction preview at no charge, allowing you to see and approve exactly what your coin will look like before we proceed to production.

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    Upon completion, your coins are ready for presentation. We offer a range of packaging options at no extra charge, with custom gift boxes available to further enhance your coin's presentation.

Our Commitment

Precision and pride in every coin.

  • Astronomical Design Expertise

    Our team excels in designing coins that reflect the cutting-edge mission and spirit of the Space Force.

  • Superior Quality

    Our commitment to excellence ensures that each coin is a fitting tribute to the achievements and dedication of Space Force personnel.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

    Our commitment to excellence ensures that each coin is a fitting tribute to the achievements and dedication of Space Force personnel.


  • “Your company makes excellent challenge coins and other products.  I am looking forward to working with you to develop our next challenge coin.”

    — V. Balderrama

  • “Coin sample looks great!!! Exactly what we were looking for.”

    — C. Mccrory

  • “You did in an outstanding job on my end-of-tour coin, and I was hoping to work with you on my retirement coin design and production.”

    — L. Hannah


What are space force challenge coins?

Space force challenge coins are tokens of honor and camaraderie among members of the United States Space Force, symbolizing achievements, unity, and the pioneering spirit of America's newest military branch. They serve to commemorate service, mark significant milestones, and reinforce the bonds of those committed to space defense and exploration.

How can I customize a space force challenge coin?

Customizing a space force challenge coin involves selecting designs that embody the missions, values, and achievements of the Space Force. Our design team collaborates with you to incorporate symbols, emblems, and inscriptions that reflect your specific contributions and experiences within the Space Force.

What is the significance of an official space force challenge coin?

An official space force challenge coin is a significant emblem of membership, recognition, and morale within the Space Force. It represents a tangible connection to the branch's mission of securing space, serving as a symbol of the bearer's commitment to protecting national interests beyond the Earth's atmosphere.

Can I order space force challenge coins for my team or unit?

Yes, you can order space force challenge coins for your team or unit. We specialize in creating custom coins that honor the unique identity and accomplishments of Space Force units, ensuring each coin is a proud symbol of collective service and dedication to space exploration and security.

How are space force challenge coins used?

Space force challenge coins are used in various ways, including as awards for excellence, tokens of appreciation, and as part of a tradition to challenge and recognize members within the Space Force. They are often exchanged during ceremonies, celebrations, or as part of recognition traditions, embodying the spirit of innovation and teamwork.

What makes a space force challenge coin unique?

A space force challenge coin is unique because it represents the newest branch of the U.S. military, dedicated to space as a warfighting domain. The design and symbolism of each coin reflect the cutting-edge mission of the Space Force, including space exploration, satellite defense, and ensuring American leadership in space.

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