Our Process

Create Your Custom NSA Challenge Coins in Five Simple Steps:

  • 1. Engage

    Initiate your NSA challenge coin project with us, and we'll detail pricing, timelines, and our comprehensive process to realize your vision.

  • 2. Design

    Collaborate with our expert graphic designers to forge the perfect NSA challenge coin, embodying the essence of your special occasion or achievement.

  • 3. Review

    Following art development and approval, we proceed to craft a bespoke mold for coin production. Design complexity affects mold costs, typically between $200 and $400.

  • 4. Final Approval

    Before production, we'll provide a no-cost preproduction snapshot for your approval, ensuring the final product matches your expectations perfectly.

  • 5. Delivery

    Upon completion, select from our complimentary packaging options or opt for custom gift boxes for an added touch. 

Our Commitment

Crafting your legacy.

  • Design Mastery

    Specializing in NSA motifs, our designs celebrate the agency's intelligence achievements with accuracy and elegance.

  • Material Integrity

    We utilize only the finest materials, ensuring each NSA challenge coin is durable and visually stunning.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

    We stand behind our work, offering previews and adjustments to ensure your NSA challenge coin exceeds expectations.


  • “WOW! That was fast.  Thank you so much for everything.  You are now going to be our go-to company for all these types of coins and employee gifts.”

    — M. Jackson

  • “Your company makes excellent challenge coins and other products.  I am looking forward to working with you to develop our next challenge coin.”

    — V. Balderrama

  • “Thanks again for our alumni coaster awards as everyone was very appreciative of what they received.”

    — S. Johnson


What is an NSA challenge coins?

NSA challenge coins are commemorative pieces that symbolize recognition, achievement, and membership within the National Security Agency. They represent a long-standing tradition of honoring the hard work and dedication of personnel.

How can I order an NSA challenge coin?

You can order NSA challenge coins directly from our website. We offer a variety of designs, or you can customize a coin to suit your specific needs. Reach out to us to start the customization process.

Can I customize my NSA challenge coin?

Absolutely. Our team is ready to help you design a unique NSA challenge coin that reflects your specific achievements or honors the agency's mission. Share your vision, and we'll bring it to life.

What is the process for creating a custom NSA challenge coin?

The process starts with your idea. After engaging with our team, we move on to the design phase, where we collaborate closely with you. Following your approval of the design and mold creation, we proceed to final approval before manufacturing your custom coin.

Are there different packaging options for NSA challenge coins?

Yes, we offer a variety of packaging options, from standard selections like poly bags and vinyl pouches to custom gift boxes and cases. Each option is designed to enhance the presentation and preservation of your challenge coin.

Why choose Command Challenge Coins for my NSA challenge coin?

Command Challenge Coins is dedicated to providing high-quality, custom-designed challenge coins. Our expertise in crafting coins that honor the NSA's mission and values, along with our commitment to customer satisfaction, makes us a preferred choice for those looking to commemorate their service or achievements.

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