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Our Process

Create Your Custom Coast Guard Challenge Coin in Five Simple Steps:

  • 1. Engage

    Connect with us about your coast guard auxiliary challenge coin project, and we'll provide detailed information on pricing, timelines, and our bespoke process.

  • 2. Design

    Work with our skilled graphic designers to create a coast guard auxiliary challenge coin that perfectly honors your service and dedication.

  • 3. Review

    After finalizing your design and receiving your approval, we create a custom mold for minting your coins, ensuring each detail reflects your unique tribute.

  • 4. Final Approval

    Receive a complimentary preproduction preview of your coin for final approval, ensuring your complete satisfaction before production begins.

  • 5. Delivery

    Upon completion, choose from our standard free packaging options or opt for custom gift boxes for a nominal fee. For more details, explore our Products page.

Why Choose Us?

Trust us to deliver quality and dedication in every coin.

  • Customized Design

    Collaborate directly with designers who specialize in military insignia to ensure your coin authentically represents the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

  • Precision Craftsmanship

    Each coin is meticulously designed with detailed engraving and high-quality materials to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Your satisfaction is paramount. We offer proofs and adjustments until your expectations are fully met, ensuring each coin is perfect.


  • “The coins look great! Thank you kindly for your services and support of the U.S. Coast Guard.”

    — H. Phan

  • “I know it is a tight turnaround. You always work miracles for us!”

    — C. Floranz

  • “I received the 500 challenge coins today – they look great!” 

    — W. Doyle


What is a Coast Guard Auxiliary Challenge Coin?

A coast guard auxiliary challenge coin is a specially designed coin that symbolizes membership and honors the commitment of individuals within the Coast Guard Auxiliary. These coins are often used to commemorate service and achievements.

How can I customize my Coast Guard Auxiliary Challenge Coin?

You can customize your coast guard auxiliary challenge coin by choosing from various designs, materials, and finishes to match your specifications. Our design team is here to help capture the essence of your service and dedication in the coin's design.

What are the typical sizes for a Coast Guard Auxiliary Challenge Coin?

Coast Guard Auxiliary Challenge Coins typically range from 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. However, the size can be adjusted to accommodate specific design needs or personal preferences.

How long does it take to produce a Coast Guard Auxiliary Challenge Coin?

Production times can vary based on the complexity of the design and the quantity ordered. Typically, it takes about 4-6 weeks from design approval to delivery.

Can Coast Guard Auxiliary Challenge Coins be given as awards?

Yes, coast guard auxiliary challenge coins are often used as awards to recognize individuals for their bravery, service, or achievement within the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Are there different packaging options for Coast Guard Auxiliary Challenge Coins?

Yes, we offer a variety of packaging options ranging from standard pouches to custom gift boxes, enhancing the presentation and providing added protection for your coins.

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