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    Collaborate with skilled artists who understand the importance of detail and symbolism in coin design.

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    We use only the finest metals and coatings to ensure that each coin is durable, beautiful, and worthy of the story it tells.

Shop by Service

Explore our curated selection of services tailored to help you create challenge coins, each meticulously designed to honor and celebrate the unique stories of service, commitment, and excellence across various sectors.

Military Challenge Coins

Craft challenge coins that honor the bravery and commitment of military personnel. Our designs capture the essence of service, unit identity, and the unwavering spirit of the armed forces.

Government Challenge Coins

Create distinguished coins that reflect the prestige and significance of government institutions. Each design embodies the values, achievements, and heritage of the respective agency or department.

First Responder Challenge Coins

Honor the courage and dedication of first responders with custom coins. Our designs pay tribute to their life-saving efforts, embodying the spirit of heroism and community service.

AMVETS & Veterans Challenge Coins

Celebrate the valor and sacrifices of veterans and AMVETS with specially designed challenge coins. These designs commemorate their service, fostering a lasting legacy of honor and pride.

Corporate Challenge Coins

Elevate your corporate identity with bespoke challenge coins. Perfect for team building, recognition, or branding, our designs reflect your company's values, culture, and achievements.


  • “The coins look great! I look forward to introducing you to some of my clients who want to explore making coins for their companies.”

    — A. Foerster

  • “Your company makes excellent challenge coins and other products.  I am looking forward to working with you to develop our next challenge coin.”

    — V. Balderrama

  • “Oh wow, fabulous timing we are about to go to Argentina and wanted to hand a few coins to the Ambassador. THANK YOU!”

    — L. Reagan

  • “The coins look great! Thank you kindly for your services and support of the U.S.Coast Guard.”

    — H. Phan

  • “The team’s LOVING the coin design! So glad we asked you for help.”

    — W. Hamilton

  • “I received the 500 challenge coins today – they look great!” 

    — W. Doyle


How do I create my own challenge coin?

Creating your own challenge coin is a simple process with our expert team. Start by choosing the design, material, and special features you want, and we'll guide you through each step.

What materials are used in creating challenge coins?

We use a variety of metals for our challenge coins, including brass, nickel, and copper, all chosen for their durability and finish quality.

Can I design a challenge coin for any occasion?

Absolutely! Challenge coins can be designed for military achievements, corporate milestones, or personal commemorations. Let us help you capture the essence of your event.

What is the typical turnaround time for creating a challenge coin?

The production time can vary depending on the complexity of your design and quantity ordered, but typically it takes about 4-6 weeks.

How can I ensure my challenge coin design is unique?

Work with our designers to incorporate specific symbols, colors, and text that reflect your unique vision and purpose. Each coin is crafted to your specifications, ensuring originality.

What are the most popular designs for military challenge coins?

Popular military coin designs often feature unit insignias, battle accomplishments, and patriotic symbols. Each coin is a proud representation of service and unity.

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