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Our Process

Create Your Custom Air Force Challenge Coin in Five Simple Steps:

  • 1. Engage

    Connect with us about your federal air marshal challenge coin project, and we'll provide detailed information on pricing, timelines, and our tailored process.

  • 2. Design

    Collaborate with our talented graphic designers to create federal air marshal challenge coins that reflects your values and the integrity of the service.

  • 3. Review

    After finalizing your design and receiving your approval, we create a custom mold for your coins, with design complexity influencing the cost.

  • 4. Final Approval

    Receive a complimentary preproduction preview of your federal air marshal challenge coin for final approval, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

  • 5. Delivery

    Upon completion, choose from our free packaging options or opt for custom gift boxes for an added touch. Explore our Products page for more details.

Why Choose Us

Excellence in every coin we craft, guaranteed to impress.

  • Customization

    Fully customizable designs that reflect the unique attributes and honors of the federal air marshals.

  • Attention to Detail

    From design to delivery, each step is handled with utmost care to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction.

  • Timely Delivery

    Reliable and prompt production schedules to meet event timelines and special occasions.


  • “The team’s LOVING the coin design! So glad we asked you for help.”

    — W. Hamilton

  • “Thank you for processing our coin request so quickly.”

    — T. Wood

  • “We appreciate all you do for us. As usual the coins look great!”

    V. Mason


What is a federal air marshal challenge coin?

A federal air marshal challenge coin is a custom-designed coin that symbolizes recognition and honor within the Air Force. These coins are often exchanged to build morale and commemorate service.

How can I customize my federal air marshal challenge coin?

Customization options include engraving, choosing materials, and designing unique emblems or insignias that resonate with the values of the Air Force and the specific mission of the air marshals.

What are the typical dimensions of a challenge coin?

While sizes can vary, typical challenge coins range from 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter, allowing for detailed designs and adequate space for custom inscriptions.

How long does it take to receive my challenge coin order?

The production timeline for challenge coins can vary based on design complexity and order size, generally taking 4 to 6 weeks from design approval to delivery.

Can federal air marshal challenge coins be used as official recognition?

Yes, these coins are often used to recognize significant achievements, milestones, and service within the federal air marshal community.

Are there different types of packaging options for challenge coins?

Yes, we offer a range of packaging options from basic protective pouches to custom gift boxes, enhancing the presentation and preserving the coin.

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